Big Pallet Theft Suspect Identified, Now Search is On
Pasco police have identified the suspect sought in the theft of 92 pallets from behind the Grocery Outlet store on Road 68 in Pasco between Sunday night and Monday morning.
Police say it took him three trips, but the entire event was captured on excellent digital quality footage...
Burned Out License Plate Light Dooms DUI Wanted Suspect
So many times, it's small little details that trip up a suspect, or arouse the suspicions of police ending up in a bigger bust.
Thursday night, Kennewick police on patrol near Deschutes and North Fruitland noticed this pickup with a burned out rear license plate bulb...
Food Bound for Texas Roadhouse Winds Up Very “Well Done”
Fortunately, the driver was able to escape without any injury.
But the same could not be said for his truck.  Benton County Fire District #1 officials now say it was a brake issue that triggered the tire. It set fire to one of the tires on a semi-truck hauling a huge load bound for the Texas Roa…

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