Could New Ethanol Fuel Destroy Your Engine? AAA Issues Warning
Over the last few years federally-mandated fuel and pollution standards resulted in increasing amounts of ethanol, or corn-based fuel, being added to gasoline around the country. The amount depends upon the refinery, and seller.  Some firms are embracing ethanol more than others, but it's in many bl…
Blue Bridge Traffic Is Too Fast! [PHOTOS] [POLL]
So once again I a making way to an appointment and yet there is another accident on the Blue Bridge. For years even with the fixes that they made a few years ago the traffic has still not improved. This time it looked to be at least 5 cars involved either by inattentive driving, driving too fast, or…
What Are the Most Dangerous Cars in America? [PHOTOS]
Given modern engineering, design and manufacturing, most drivers probably assume that new cars are inherently safe. But, according to a study by the nonprofit group Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, that isn’t necessarily the case.