Snoqualmie Pass Gets Ugly as Snow Fall Increases
If you are heading over Snoqualmie Pass, be sure to have state approved traction tires.
The state Department of Transportation changed the travel requirements at 1:40 p.m. on Thursday as it was snowing hard in the pass when the temperature hit 33 degrees...
Farmer’s Almanac Says We’ll Get Thunderstorms This Month
If we do get any lightning, let's hope there's enough rain on top of it!
According to the Old Farmer's Almanac:
Sep 8-14: Isolated t-storms, warm; Sep 15-22: Sunny, cool; Sep 23-30: Sunny north, t-storms south; warm.
Oct 1-8: A few showers, mild; Oct 9-17: Sunny, nice north; rainy periods, cool south; …
Eastern WA Has Worst Air in County Right Now, Say Experts
According to various sources, the air quality in Eastern Washington, North Idaho and Northeast Oregon is among the worst in the entire U.S., due to smoke from those British Columbia fires and others. On the map, yellow is moderate, orange not very good, and red is 'put on a mask and stay indoor…
Summer Record for Electricity Use Broken 3 Days in a Row!
It's. Been. HOT! But you knew that. But you may not have know that the Bonneville Power Administration's record for peak summertime electricity consumption three days in a row! Due to temperatures in Portland and the surrounding areas being over 100, the air conditioner use has skyrocketed…

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