Two Car Collision Sends One Vehicle Flipping
Benton County Sheriff's reported to a two-vehicle crash early Tuesday morning, where apparently one vehicle ran stop sign, slammed into the other, and sent them rolling.
Sherrif's deputies say one of the vehicle was headed west on Corral Creek Road, and ran a stop sign at the intersection w…
Wreck Looked Spectacular, But Driver Largely Uninjured
Fortunately, a Sunday afternoon crash left only very minor injuries on both drivers.
But judging from the aftermath, it looked much worse.  Police responded to 4th and Olympia for a report of a truck colliding with this passenger car, which ended up on it's roof.
Update-Woman Struck by Train near Toppenish Dies
Officials now say the second victim struck by a train over the weekend has died.
52-year-old Georgeann Aviles was walking when she was hit by a train near Buena Way and S. Toppenish Ave. Officials did not directly say if she was on the tracks, but she was struck around 11am Sunday...

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