ID Theft of 1 Million After Safe Stolen from WSU
It happened when a storage locker in Olympia was broken into and a 85lb safe was stolen from WSU. Over 1 million peoples identity's were on a hard drive in the safe prompting the college to notify individuals affected by the theft!
WSU Football Coach Fined for Calling Out ASU Cheating
WSU Head coach Mike Leach received a fine for $10,000 for claiming ASU basically cheats and steals calls illegally. The strange thing is most of the Pac-12 coaches seem to agree with coach Leach and have stated the same opinion, just with more tact...
WSU Cougar Football Ranked in the Top 25 for First Time Since 2006
The Washington State Cougars pulled off a nail-biting win over UCLA last Saturday earning them a spot in the Associated Press top 25 poll.
The Cougars are ranked at 24, their highest ranking in the AP poll since 2003!
WSU's football team continues to prove they are PAC-12 North contenders this ye…
Drunk Pasco Man Breaks In, Rapes WSU Student
A Pasco man was arrested this weekend for allegedly breaking into a student apartment and raping a woman. Reports say that the victim was sleeping in her boyfriends apartment waiting for him when Tyler E. Hansen broke in through a window...

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