We've all seen the "Easy" button ads from Staples -- the red button with the word "easy" on it. Well, now get ready for the "NoBama" button!" And you could win one!

NB Buttons of Utah has produced this viral spoof on Obama, and they are lighting up the web and media.    The original idea came from Staples, who beefed up their "That was easy" ad campaign by having people push an "easy" button.

The folks who make the NoBama button just wanted to have a little fun, and the spirit of American creativity has worked again. You can even follow them on Facebook!

The NoBama button produces a variety of statements and quotes from and about President Obama followed by sound effects, warnings, and funny phrases. You could win one of these NoBama buttons just by shooting us a quick email saying, "I want a NoBama button!" We will randomly select winners, and you'll get hours of fun and laughs pushing it over... and over... and over!

To learn more about these hilarious political buttons, and how to get your hands on even more for friends and family (and Liberals) make sure you visit their website.

To enter the contest, just click on the button below (emails attention John McKay)