What's the holidays without a gas mask?

Ok, we're sure some of you are thinking this would be great when you have to sit next to Uncle Fred at the holiday dinner table, and he decides to "share" with everyone by cracking off a few "noises" from his backside.

But this actually came in an e-mail to us here at Newstalk870!

Newstalk receives news and informational emails from World Net Daily, a news outlet that provides information about the top stories and topics of the day from a wide variety of writers and sources.  They're definitely on the conservative side, and also feature their own online store.

The email Monday urged us to take advantage of their latest offer,  "genuine Russian Gas Masks!"   They're only $19.95, which according to WND, is a steal:

 'These high-quality Russian-designed protective masks cost many times this price to make and import, yet they are serviceable enough to turn to with confidence if or when the “big one” does hit.

That's exactly what an overzealous former Soviet entrepreneur with newly-minted capitalist dreams must have counted on when he arranged to bring over a couple of million of them to sell for big bucks to anxious Americans after 9/11. He didn't anticipate, however, how short our American memories are – and that, by the time they got here, most of us had forgotten why we thought we might need them! As a result, not only are these masks highly effective against the threat of nuclear, biological or chemical attack, they are also versatile and affordable enough to use when burning leaves or cleaning a putrid, mold-covered basement.'

So if you're worried about The Big One, or you know somebody who's a Doomsday Prepper, consider this purchase for the holidays, and spread some survival cheer.  Or, they would come in handy next Halloween...Actual product seen below.

(World Net Daily)