Just prior to 8:46 a.m. ET in New York and Washington D.C., a special moment of silence was held in honor of the victims of 9/11. However, if you were watching NBC's 'Today Show,' you got to hear reality television star Kris Jenner talk about the upcoming season and her breast implants.ABC and CBS interrupted regular morning programming for live, as-it-happens shots of the tribute. Fox stopped everything to bring coverage of the names of the victims being read in New York City at Ground Zero.

But for reasons yet to be revealed, NBC felt it was more important to let everyone know what's coming up on one of the sleaziest reality shows on TV.

However, kudos to the local New York affiliate, WNBC-TV, who broke away from the 'Today Show' and carried live coverage of the 9/11 tributes. It appears however, the rest of the nation got to hear about cosmetic surgery.

Internet blogs, comment pages, and other input channels on the web reporting NBC's decision have been flooded with thousands of irate, disgusted citizens. One classic response was posted on the comment page of e TVNewser that covers all things television related:

"What- was Sandra Fluke not available?"

A quick check of local affiliate KNDU/KNDO Television did not reveal any reference to the 'Today Show' event and we have no word if they received any calls or input over the network's decision. We do want to emphasize that local TV stations such are often contractually required to air the network programming and do NOT have a say in what the network decides to show -- or not show.