Authorities say the deceased gunman who fatally shot another student at Troutdale High School in Oregon was able to hide his gun inside a guitar case and duffel bag to get them to school.

15-year-old Jarred Michael Padgett rode the bus to school with an AR-15 type weapon, also a loaded  handgun and multiple clips of ammunition hidden in a duffel bag and guitar case.  He was wearing a non-ballistic vest, and police said he was wearing a helmet with a camouflage design.  

In hindsight,  some authorities say it might have appeared odd for a student to be wearing a "helmet"  on the school bus, although they say there was no indication Padgett was acting out of the ordinary, or unusually enough to arouse suspicion.

Emilio Hoffman was the student shot and killed in the locker room when he was encountered by Padgett.  PE teacher Todd Rispler ran into Padgett and despite suffering a gunshot wound, was able to raise the alert, get the school into lockdown, and police say his actions potentially saved many lives.

Police said they have no indication Hoffman was targeted by Padgett.   He obtained the guns and ammunition, say authorities, by somehow breaking through the various security locks on the gun storage area in his home.