The Washington State Department of Corrections updated their Most Wanted Sex Offenders list, 52 suspects considered at large.

The DOC regularly updates it's list of what it considers to be the most dangerous convicted sex offenders being sought in our state.   Of that list 2 are from Benton and 2 from Franklin Counties,  3 from Yakima, and one each from Adams and Grant Counties.

Most of the offenders are being sought for failing to register as a sex offender.  Under the parole or supervision terms these individuals are legally required to notify authorities when they move, even if it's only a few blocks within a city.  Failure to do so triggers an automatic warrant for their arrest.

Some of the offender warrants are recent, from 2012 and 2013, others have been on the list for as long as ten years.   Here are the Benton and Franklin County suspects:

  • Anarbol Mendoza Magana-Benton County. (Main picture)  Wanted for failure to register as a sex offender,  warrant was issued February 19th of this year.

Three other Mid-Columbia suspects have been on the list as far back as 2004:

*Andrew Philip Samaniego-Benton County.  Has been sought on a Rape 3 charge since 2004.

(Department of Corrections photo)







Pablo Castaneda Bustos-Franklin County.   Has been sought on a child molestation charge since 2002.

(Department of Corrections photo)







Silvano Mercado Garcia-Franklin County.   Has been wanted since April 2007 on charges of Assault 2 with Sexual Motiviation.

(Department of Corrections photo)

The list originally contained 64 offenders, but 12 have been apprehended since it was last updated.  With many of the suspects, especially those not born in the U.S., DOC officials strongly suspect they have fled to Mexico or other foreign countries.    For the offenders who failed to register, it's unlikely they stayed in the county where their warrants were issued, but sometimes officials do find them not far from their previous address.


The most recent Yakima County offender is Roy Edward Morgan, wanted for failure to register as a sex offender.  His warrant was issued in February of this year.

(Department of Corrections photo)







Laverne James Proper has been sought in Grant County since June of 2012 on 2 charges of child molestation in the 2nd. degree.   (no photo available).   Officials stress if you see any of these suspects, do not attempt any contact, but notify local authorities immediately.