The Washington State Patrol says it could be a first, and probably one of the dumbest acts ever by a motorist!

Northwest Cable News reports a 44-year-old Mountlake Terrace woman was pulled over Northbound on I-5 near Everett Wednesday evening, but it wasn't for speeding.

Around 7pm, a trooper pulled her over near the 41st. Street exit after a motorist called 911 to report seeing a woman driving with an infant on her lap!

The lady, who's name was not released, told officers her one-year-old son was screaming non-stop, she also admitted she'd been stopped for the same actions before.

She was given a $165 dollar ticket, and the officer properly restrained the child in the backseat car seat before letting her go.

Officer Mark Francis of the WSP, who made the traffic stop later tweeted the following:

   "I WISH I WAS KIDDING: 911 caller reports baby riding on mom's lap. When Trooper stops car, he realizes mom is breast feeding the child"