Ever been listening to someone and wish you could just zip them up?  Make them shut up at the snap of a finger?  Now, you can!

Japanese researchers have reportedly invented a "speech gun" that will painlessly stop a person from talking..and it works up to 30 feet away!  How?  Researchers at Ochanomizu University have devised a 'gun like' device that records the speech of the "victim", then fires their words back at them with a 0.2 second delay.  The barrage of words confuses the speaker's brain.  According to the researchers, hearing your own words fired back at you causes your brain to become confused, resulting in your thought pattern being interrupted, and you stop talking.  The researchers say the device would be useful in public areas where hecklers are causing a problem.  The non-damaging gun apparently has no side effects.  How, where can we get one to use on our teenagers?