Get ready for a great getaway in Wendover, Nevada, with Newstalk 870.

We've teamed up with the legendary Peppermill Casinos in Wendover, Nevada, to give you a Wild Weekend of adventure!

If you're at least 21,  enter our Week of Wendover Giveaways.  Each day this week, Monday through Friday, a winner will be chosen to receive round-trip air fare, and three nights lodging at one of the 3 wonderful Peppermill Casinos.  You could be staying at the Montego Bay, Rainbow, or Peppermill Casino.

Enjoy all the sights and casino fun, but without the clutter and bustle.   Daily golf, resort tours, day trips, and numerous amenities will make this a weekend to remember.   You could even catch one of the popular musical acts that perform there.

Whatever you do to have fun is up to you.  But we want to send you there! Just enter through your Newstalk Newsmember account.  If you're not a VIP, sign up today by clicking on the button below.  It's that easy!

A Wild Wendover Weekend could be yours from Peppermill Casinos and Newstalk 870.!