The US Fish and Wildlife Service announced Wednesday, May 29th, that 1.2 million acres in northwest CA, and southwest OR will now be critical habitat for an animal they say is threatened.

  The Pacific Marten is part of the weasel family

The Marten is a small carnivore, usually weighing between 1.5. and 2.2 pounds and are part of the weasel family. Over the years, say officials, due to trapping and then later logging operations, their numbers have dwindled.

Officials say their populations have decreased by upwards of 90 percent in many areas. According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service information: (by way of Lost Coast Outpost:)

"In this final rule, the Service identified critical habitat, or areas that are essential for the coastal marten to thrive based on information received during two public comment periods held in 2022. Final critical habitat land ownership includes approximately 1.1 million acres of federal, 23,724 acres of state and 13,008 acres of private or unassigned lands."

This designation will have significant effect on logging, development or other activity in these areas. According to USFW:

"The coastal marten is a cat-sized mammal in the weasel family that currently exists in four small, isolated populations in forested habitats of northern coastal California and coastal Oregon. The species has lost over 90% of its historical range and was listed as threatened under the ESA in November 2020. Loss of habitat, effects from historic trapping, catastrophic wildfire, and impacts from vegetation management were determined to be key threats to the marten’s survival."

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Besides limiting activity and development in an endangered animal's habitat, the laws also prohibit any kind of taking, capturing, or hunting of that species. They are also found in certain areas of WA State as well.


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