It's the 41st Anniversary of the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens and I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was a young kid but I remember that day clearly in my memory. The sky got pitch black that Sunday, May 18th back in 1980, and here is how I remember it...

My Dad had us kids loaded up for a fishing trip to Winchester Idaho.

We had stopped at a convenience store to get supplies and I remember looking up in the sky as it when pitch black. I don't recall being scared but more fascinated by what was going on.

My Dad came out of the store and told us, kids, that Mt. Saint Helens had erupted. I do recall that we didn't go fishing because of it and headed home to get inside.

I don't recall there being a lot of ash in Lewiston/Clarkston area, about an inch, but I know that cities in the direct line from the mountain got 3 - 4 feet of ash.

Yakima especially got covered and Tri-Cities got a bunch of ash as well.

The lasting legacy of Mount St. Helens is huge. It will always be a topic of conversation as "where were you" and I think you can still buy those little vials of ash on EBAY.

I'm not sure if the ash made folks millionaires like they thought it would though.

Take a look below at 10 amazing Mt. Saint Helens pictures that'll blow your mind and take you back in time.

10 Amazing Photos of Mt. Saint Helens

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