We've finally gotten a break from the snow storms, but we're not out of the woods yet. There may be more snow and ice headed our way, so I've made a list of things you should definitely have in case of getting snowed in. Some are obvious, but there may be some things you wouldn't have thought of on the list. Take a look and see if you have the items on the list. If not, head out and grab them before the next snowmageddon!

1. Water- DUH. Get bottled water to have on hand in case of pipes freezing.

2. Flashlights/Laterns/Candles- Another no brainer. If the power goes out, you'll want to be able to see, so have these bad boys on had. Don't forget the lighters!

3. Batteries- ALL KINDS of batteries. For your flashlights and lanterns, portable radios, CELL PHONES. Yes, have those chargers ready in case the power goes out. That way you can still stream Netflix, or I don't know, keep in touch with people in case of emergency! ;)

4. Non-Perishable, No Cook Food- if you rely on electric ranges and microwaves to cook and the power goes out, you could really be hurting. Bread, peanut butter, crackers, canned meats/veggies, and dried fruit can save the day. Stock up on items you can eat without cooking. Even those weight loss or protein drinks can help get you through.  And have a variety, there are only so many peanut butter sandwiches one can have before going crazy. (Also, make sure your pets have food as well.)

5. Warm Clothes- Layers are key. Have clothes you can pack on in case you lose the heat, or you just want to save some dough on your energy bill. Keep feet, hands, and head warm as much as possible to avoid getting cold and sick. Blankets too. Lots and lots of blankets.

6. Entertainment- When you're stuck inside, you're going to get bored. If you have kids, things can get pretty hairy when they have nothing to do. So make sure you have board games, toys, cards, art supplies, ANYTHING to keep everyone entertained. Sometimes getting snowed in is the perfect time for some family time, and even if you live alone, make sure you have a way to keep your mind busy, or you could lose it! ;)

7. Portable Radio- Keep up to date with weather and keep music in the house! Make sure you have batteries (as mentioned before) as well. Otherwise what's the point. Take your kids back to radio days!

8. Snow Shovels- In case you DO need to get out, you need a good snow shovel or two. Have more than one on hand just in case. Good to clear paths, and to make a killer snow fort! Win win!

9. Medicine- I wish I would have had more migraine medicine before I got snowed in. Not so easy to run out to grab Nyquil, aspirin, or even a first aid kit when there's two feet of snow on the roads. Make sure to stock up on basic needs, and get your prescriptions filled before weather gets bad, so if you're stuck, you're not stuck AND sick!

10. TOILET PAPER!- I won't give you the gory details, but seriously, make sure you have enough TP on hand in case of getting stuck inside. Enough said.


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