Once again, an alert student who talked to their parents and authorities was possibly able to help avert a potentially serious incident.

Kennewick Police began to investigate an alleged shooting threat made late Monday night. A student told his parents he'd heard about this threat. Although he didn't know the name of the student, police were able to talk to him others and obtain the name, and also credible evidence the student issued the threat.

Specifics about what would happen in the threat were not made public, but Tuesday morning the student was arrested at home, while several other officers conducted interviews at the Desert Hills Middle School, where the student attended. That was the school the student had threatened.

He's now in the Juvenile Justice Center and has been emergency expelled from the Kennewick School District. More investigating is taking place by police. It is not known if the student posted it on any social media.

At no time were any students or teachers at the school or on school grounds directly threatened.

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