The story was first released Oct.16 by Judicial Watch (JW), listing which states have counties where more people are registered to vote than are eligible.

All in all it adds up to 1.8 million voters who are "extras."  The study was performed in September, and included Census Data as well as five year population estimates from the American Community Survey data 2014-2018. Outside of the census, it's considered the most accurate population measuring device.

JW found some 37 states have multiple counties where the number of registered voters exceeds the population of eligible voters. This would include age, whether person has felony convictions, or other factors that determine eligibility.

That includes Washington. 14 counties are included.  Judicial Watch listed them as follows:

Garfield County (119%); Pend Oreille County (112%); Jefferson County (111%); San Juan County (108%); Wahkiakum County (108%); Stevens County (103%); Pacific County (103%); Clark County (102%); Island County (102%); Klickitat County (102%); Thurston County (102%); Lincoln County (101%); Whatcom County (100%); Asotin County (100%)

A county with 100% was included, because rarely to states ever have every single person eligible actually registered to vote. Some states, such as CA and Colorado, and even Texas, had dozens of counties.

To see the JW story and county list state by state, click on the button below.

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