You may have, if you're old enough, attended Expo '74, or World's Fair, in Spokane.

Although they don't get nearly the attention today they did decades ago, the Worlds Fair, or Exposition has always taken a look at the world of tomorrow.

   Beginning in 1887, through the pending 2015 Expo in Milan Italy,  the World's Fair always took a look at present wonders, and some years especially looked to the future.

For whatever reason,  the 1939 World's Fair in New York is especially viewed perhaps the most "predictive" of all.   The last fair for a number of years due to World War II,  perhaps the most popular display was it's futuristic World of Tomorrow.   It was the first Expo that was centered around the future.

Life Magazine online recently ran a series of photographs of the World of Tomorrow display from 1939, and we find it's almost nothing like what people back then thought we'd turn out to be.

Back then, they believed soybeans would eventually be used to make cars...given the current pipe dreams of some environmental groups,  maybe it's NOT that far off.  But then again, we're still waiting for some automaker to introduce a car called the Adobe - of course, it would be made from clay.

Click here on the highlighted area  to view this fascinating slide show of the 1939 World of Tomorrow.

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