Area of Richland fire (google street view Canva)
Area of Richland fire (google street view Canva)

Two groups of residents are having to seek temporary housing after their homes were destroyed by an early Wednesday morning fire in Richland (August 24).

 Images are of the neighborhood where the fires occurred. 

  Richland investigators seeking the cause of the blazes

Just prior to 12:30 AM Richland Fire responded to the 2300 block of Boulder Street, located near the intersection with Wright Ave., and found two homes completely engulfed in flames.

The location is up the hill and west of Wellsian Way and Thayer Drive.

According to KEPR-TV,  the initial call was about a blaze on the backside of one of the homes, but by the time crews arrived it had engulfed one home and spread to another. Fire crews from as far away as Prosser responded to help beat back the fire, but both homes are considered totally destroyed.

   Several vehicles on the street safely moved to avoid damage

Some vehicles escaped damage, but now the occupants of both homes are receiving some community assistance as the homes are unliveable. Richland Fire investigators do not yet know what triggered the fire, or specifically how it spread from one home to another. They continue to work the scene looking for information.

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There were no reports of any injuries to residents or fire crews.

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