reportedly abandoned home burns in Kennewick (Google street view)
reportedly abandoned home burns in Kennewick (Google street view)

No word yet on the cause of the fire, or if it's considered suspicious.

   Home goes up in flames Monday in Kennewick.

Kennewick Fire crews were called to a residential house fire around 11:09 AM Monday, at a location at 408 South Gum Street. Initially, according to Chad Michael of the Kennewick Fire Department, additional units from Benton County and Pasco were called but sent back because they were not needed.

Michael says the crews arrived within about 4 minutes, and dispatch informed the crews that a citizen had called in that an abandoned home was on fire.

According to Michael:

"Upon arrival, the crew observed a heavy volume of thick grey and black smoke coming from the rear of the home, and fire coming out of a window on the side of the home. All windows and doors on the home were boarded up with the exception of one. The initial arriving crew completed a walk around of the structure to determine if there was anyone in or around the building, and did not locate anyone."

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The fire was contained within about 14 minutes, and there were no injuries to anyone. According to the KFD, the cause is still under investigation. Officials did not say if anyone might have been 'squatting' or living there illegally, but it's interesting to note that one window was not boarded up, allowing entry.

Michael included this information with the news release:

"The Kennewick Fire Department would like to remind everyone that abandoned structures can be extremely treacherous to firefighters as they frequently lack structural integrity and may contain other hazards. Community members should contact police if individuals are noted to be occupying or spending time in abandoned buildings."

This image of the home is several years old from Google Street view. Here is another view from above, via Google maps

408 S. Gum (Google maps)
408 S. Gum (Google maps)

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