Snohomish County officials, including Chief Civil Prosecutor Jason Cummings, are basically sneering at a series of lawsuits filed in western Washington, seeking voter audits.

The group filing them, Washington Election Integrity Coalition United, is out of Gig Harbor. Snohomish County officials claim they're offshoots of what they say are unsuccessful attempts to audit Arizona's controversial election results.

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These WA lawsuits claim uncertified equipment was used in the elections, and ballots were manipulated. The Everett Daily Herald even claims the Arizona audits have not turned up any evidence. Many of the west side media have simply taken voting officials and voting machine company statements at face value and not pressed them for more details or questioned their practices.

However, the Gateway Pundit was reported weeks ago, there is evidence of fraud, especially concerning some 96K ballots in Maricopa County. Investigations showed these 96K-plus votes came from addresses where the "mail-in ballots could not have possibly been cast by the person the vote was registered to" (Gateway Pundit)

Also, Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri was heard on a leaked recording heavily and harshly criticizing the original voting machine company audit and recount that it was "pretty bull-s**t."

These WA suits seek full forensic audits and recounts in a number of counties across the state.


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