After the WASPC (Washington Association of Sheriff's and Police Chiefs) released their auto theft data, we get county numbers.

Where do Benton and Franklin County rank so far in 2022

According to the county-by-county totals January through March 2022, here's where we land:

  • Benton County 6th most out of 39 counties, with 376 auto thefts.
  • Franklin County 11th with 193
  •  Yakima County 7th with 348
  • Adams County 20th with 45
  •  Walla Walla County 21st with 39 

King County ranks #1, with 4.243 stolen vehicles, Pierce has 2,759, Spokane 659, while amazingly Clark County has a staggering 1.150.  That's not exactly a place you would think of, but the county seat is Vancouver, WA.

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Ferry, San Juan, and Wahkiakum Counties tie for second-lowest, with only 2 reported in the first quarter, while Lincoln County (north of Adams and West of Spokane), Columbia (Dayton the county seat), and Skamania only had 3.

The ONLY county to not report any stolen vehicles was Garfield (county seat Pomeroy.)  They must be doing something right there!


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