There's a lot of activity on the U.S. borders, especially with Mexico, but this one got our attention.

 Liquid meth was worth a lot of money

The US Customs and Border Patrol agency reports on December 8th, they made the 3rd largest bust of meth in patrol history.  

This picture shows a lava lamp that was filled with liquid meth instead of normal oils. 

Agents in the Rio Grande Sector near Edinburgh, Texas, at the Falfurrious Checkpoint about 80 miles north of the Mexican border, stopped a suspicious semi-truck and sent it for what's called secondary inspection.

This is not uncommon, CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) agents often do this with larger vehicles. What they found inside was surprising.

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The truck contained 1,440 bottles which were labeled as a common household cleaning product, but inside they contained liquid methamphetamine.  The total weight of the drugs was over 3,000 lbs.

The estimated street value of the drugs was in excess of $100 million dollars. No word how it made it over the border, but likely came in on Texas Highway 281 before being stopped at this checkpoint.

Drug traffickers often try to move meth in liquid form because it is easier to smuggle over the border, it can be hidden in all sorts of bottles. Sometimes it s boiled to remove the fluid and leave the crystals, other users mix it with fluids and ingest it that way or inject it.


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