Kennewick Fire Department officials say a man is probably alive today because two men stopped to help.

Officials say after 2 a.m. Tuesday morning Miguel Lopez and Eric Limon were driving on Gum Street when they noticed a home on 7th Avenue engulfed in flames.

They quickly pulled over, called 911, and used a nearby garden hose to spray the home.  Within minutes Kennewick Fire units and police arrived and found 67-year-old Steven Murphy inside. He was pulled from the home, and despite suffering some burns, did not sustain any life-threatening injuries. He was treated at Kennewick General Hospital.

Corporal Todd Dronen said the efforts of Lopez and Limon were "instrumental" in saving Murphy's life! Had they not quickly called 911 and helped beat back the flames with the hoses, the man probably would have died in the fire.