7-11 stores are testing machines that look like  Slurpee dispensers, but with mashed potatoes, butter and gravy!

According to ABC news,  the machines are found in Singapore and other venues overseas, and are apprently popular enough that a variety of flavors are offered, including BBQ.   So this led to the next obvious question:   Are they coming to Tri-Cities?

Newstalk 870 placed calls to several 7-11 stores in Richland and Kennewick.   Now, we understand that locally when it comes to new products, company news etc,  the workers are often told not to comment when asked.  But judging from the reactions of the clerks we spoke to Wednesday,  it doesn't appear likely they are going to be here anytime soon.   One sounded as if we were playing a prank, another just chuckled through the entire conversation.   So that would lead us to think, no.   What a bummer!   A search for 'mashed potato vending machine' at the official 7-11 website yeilded no results.

But we can always dream, can't we?    To see how it works,  watch the video.  It was shot (in English) in Singapore.