Again to provide some much needed perspective with the latest COVID reports for Benton Franklin County, we list what's not being covered equally. OF COURSE, this is not meant to "minimize" the impact it's having on people, especially those in the demographic the virus has, and continues to, attack the hardest.  But without perspective of all the information, often erroneous conclusions can be drawn. that can be misleading and harmful.

According to the latest from the B-F Health Department, here's the information on the seven latest deaths. First, Benton County:

"Benton County man in his 90s with underlying health conditions
Benton County man in his 60s with underlying health conditions
Benton County woman in her 90s with underlying health conditions

Benton County man in his 80s with underlying health conditions
Benton County man in his 60s
Benton County woman in her 70s"

And from Franklin County:

"Franklin County woman in her 60s with underlying health conditions"

The two counties now have 5251 confirmed cases of COVID. Here's a look at the percentages.

  • Number of persons tested in Benton: 15,521  number of confirmed 2678. That's 17 percent of those tested.
  • Number of persons tested in Franklin: 9302    number of confirmed 2573. That's 27 percent of those tested.
  • Total number of confirmed cases in B-F counties 5251.  That's 1.71 percent of the combined population of both counties (according to state census and economic data) of 307,532.
  •  Death rate:   Number of total cases vs. deaths: 5251 vs. 129.  That's 2.46 percent. It's been hovering around there since March. Has not shot up.
  • Deaths vs. overall population.  B-F combined 307,532.  Deaths 129. That is 0.04 percent.  That figure has stayed right around there since March.
  • Deaths Demographically:  Despite the 7 new deaths, the number of those who have died under the age of 60 remains at 9.  The other 120 were all over 60, most over 70, and most also had underlying conditions.

Also, in Benton County since data began to be compiled, there have been 20 persons hospitalized between the ages of 20-39 with COVID.  -0- deaths in that group. There have been 52 hospitalized in the age group 30-59.  2 deaths from that group.

In Franklin County, 50% of hospitalizations are persons over 60, another 31 percent ages 40-59 with the bulk over 50.    No mention is made in this hospitalization data if any of these persons had underlying conditions.

Again, this is provided as perspective vs. all the "new cases" "new cases" "new cases" headlines that are increasingly troubling people and creating more fatigue, fear and misguided 'panic' among many.


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