If you've driven along Keene Road at the intersection of Duportail, right where the Maverick is, you've probably seen this wonderful Miracle of Life.
One little seed managed to plant itself in a most unusual spot, right in the middle of a sidewalk. While most seeds in the Tri-Cities are either blown clear to Portland or out to Boise, this one managed to stay right here. Yes, right here where we live so we can enjoy the beauty of this holiday miracle.
I'm pretty sure this is a sign that Christmas is coming! In a month, this little guy will be just big enough for one little battery-operated set of Christmas lights. Or maybe one of those battery-powered Christmas necklaces from Rite Aid. You know, like with blinking candy canes or something.
And it looks like a very awesome person even took the time to surround his tender roots with extra sod. This will help keep him strong in the wind and warm in the winter. My heart swells with the glory of the kindness that is the true spirit of human nature.
After I took this picture, I raced home to my wife and couldn't wait to share this wonderful miracle of life with her.
She said it was just a weed growing out of some sod that fell off a truck.
That's how the fight started.
The neighbors called the cops.
Nobody went to jail and I slept soundly on the couch, with visions of sugar plums...and the tiniest, most wonderful Christmas tree I've ever seen.
I'll be going to Rite Aid tomorrow.

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