Kennewick Police now say a 29-year old Kennewick woman has admitted to videotaping her alleged sexual assault on a preschool child.

Brittany Terris is accused of First Degree Rape of a Child, Molestation and Dealing in Child Pornograpy in addition to other charges, her bail has been set at $250,000.

Police began investigating Terris after getting a tip from a man who said she'd showed him naked pictures of herself with the child, then asking him if he wanted to have sexual relations with her and the pre-schooler.

The man eventually agreed to meet her at a home in Kennewick, at which time she showed him a video on her phone of a man raping a small child, probably 5-6 years old.  At that time the man told police he cut off contact with her, then notified police shortly afterwards.

Police seized the suspect's phone during the last week of January, she has also reportedly told them she abused the child for her own self-gratification. It is not yet known how long this alleged sexual behavior has been occurring, or if there may be other victims. The investigation continues. She has admitted to videotaping the encounter in question.

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