Crime scene area (Google street view)
Crime scene area (Google street view)

After an autopsy and investigation by Pasco Police, a suspect related to a woman's death is facing different charges. This image is of the crime scene area near 28th and Hopkins in Pasco. 

   Manslaughter likely to be filed by prosecutor

We reported back on November 6th that Police were called to the corner of 28th and Hopkins (near the Shopping Spot) for a report of a woman found unconscious. She was not breathing and appeared to have been assaulted.

Around 7:30 AM Police arrived, and along with EMS began emergency life-saving procedures, but the woman later died that evening at Kadlec Regional Medical Center.

EMS had been able to revive her, but she did not make it. Now, Pasco Police have issued a revision concerning the charges (from the Pasco PD):

"We found 24-year-old Breanna Gooldy deceased. After a thorough investigation, her injuries were not substantial enough to cause her death therefore homicide charges could not be brought forward. This case has been forwarded to the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office for charges of manslaughter against our suspect, who had knowledge that she was there but did not render aid. The suspect is already in custody on other charges."

Failure to render aid to a person obviously in distress brings with it a whole set of different charges, it's kind of a 'reverse' of rendering criminal assistance. More information is expected to be released as the investigation continues.

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This area of town is well-known to Police for criminal and sometimes drug-related activity.

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