Benton County Sheriff's office (BCSO)
Benton County Sheriff's office (BCSO)

The Benton County Coroner is attempting to identify the body of a woman found on train tracks off Badger Road.

  The incident was reported by the Benton County Sheriff's Office Monday

Around 6:30 AM Monday, April 24th, the BCSO was alerted to a woman's body found on the train tracks that run along Badger Road.

The exact location of the discovery was not given, but the train was stopped, and the railroad crossing at 823 PR SE was blocked by the train. This crossing is just before where the Private Road intersects Badger Road, about two miles west of the I-82 Badger interchange.

The BCSO says it appears the woman was hit by a train and killed, but no other details have been released yet. The investigation continues. Authorities did not say if the stopped train is the one that hit her, or how long she had been there. She was apparently discovered by a Burlington Northern Sante Fe conductor.

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