Othello Police, and Franklin and Adams County Deputies have cracked open a large-scale odometer rollback fraud scheme.

  Man arrested in early March for illegal rollbacks

It is harder to do with newer vehicles that have digital dashboards, but it can still be done.  The Adams County Sheriff's Office reported March 5 a man was arrested following reports he was selling vehicles that had the miles reduced by rolling back the odometers. He was using  that as an excuse to boost the vehicle prices.

According to the ACSO:

"following several months of investigation, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office arrested Reynaldo “Rey” Valdez Garza Jr. on suspicion of Theft by Deception in the Second Degree and Odometers-Disconnecting, Resetting, or Turning Back Prohibited."

Now this week, the ACSO and FCSO say further investigation has led to the discovery of a  large-scale rollback illegal vehicle sale operation in Franklin County. According to the ACSO, the operation was discovered at a home in the county.  A number of vehicles were listed for sale using social media, and they had the odometers tampered with.

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Authorities did not say how many vehicles were involved, but according to the ACSO:

"In a significant development, Terry Cissne, a primary suspect linked to the fraudulent operation, was apprehended during the raid. Cissne is suspect in charges related to odometer fraud, second-degree theft, and driving under the influence (DUI)."

Officials did say if citizens who have purchased a vehicle and suspect they were duped by this practice  by utilizing  this 'service,' call the ACSO at (509) 659-1122.

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