Net neutrality has nothing to do with basketball or tennis, but it has an affect on everyone's internet.

  Federal Communications Commission votes to return it

Recently the FCC voted narrowly 3-2, to restore it. It had been suspended during the Trump Administration.

Net neutrality is a fairly simple premise: (according to CNET)

"Net neutrality is the principle that all internet traffic should be treated equally -- meaning your broadband provider won't slow down or speed up sites you visit according to whether those sites pay extra money to have their traffic prioritized, or whether they have a special relationship with your provider."

On the surface, it sounds good, but there are those who oppose it for the following reasons: (according to a study from Penn State):

"Opponents of net neutrality regulations include civil rights groups, economists, internet providers and technologists. Among corporations, opponents include AT&TVerizonIBMIntelCiscoNokiaQualcommBroadcomJuniperdLinkWintelAlcatel-LucentCorningPanasonicEricsson, and others."

They believe there is already robust competition between ISP companies, and they are against further Federal or government control of the internet and potentially its content. They also say this will do away with consumer options to pay less for slower or simpler internet and data packages-less choice because everyone's speed will 'be the same.'

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Will the FCC vote affect us? No.  In 2018 WA State was one of several that passed net neutrality laws, that affect companies who do business within our borders. So all the buzz about net neutrality is a moot point in the Evergreen State.

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