Back on September 29th, according to information released by the company as well as Bloomberg,, and other sources, Amazon has plans to close the Kennewick Call center. Now, they plan more cuts.

 Amazon will cut at least 10K workers, thousands in Seattle

According to it's the largest cut of workers in the retail giant's history.

Amazon employes at least 75K people in the Pacific Northwest, especially Seattle area, and the loss of thousands would have significant effect on the economy.

Not all of the 10K is in the Seattle area, but most of them are. The company had previously announced plans to close all but one call center, including the one in Kennewick, while remapping  manycustomer service workers to work-from-home status.

 This comes on top of a delay announced in September for the massive new warehouse being built near Pasco, according to CNBC. As recently as December, 2021, The Tri-City Area Journal of Business had a number of reports about Amazon's expansion in our region.

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We are looking to find out how many of the Kennewick call center workers have been shifted to work-from-home.  None of these developments have been posted on their Amazon News Twitter page, we went back as far as September 25th.

The 10K cuts, according to CNBC, would primarily be in corporate and tech-related fields, which will significantly affect Seattle-King County.


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