With just over 6,000 left to tally, the Washington State Primary actually surged to new levels.

The number of voters who turned in ballots prior to and on election day initially indicated a poor turnout, but then they kept coming and coming and coming. As of August 14, the Washington State voter turnout now stands at just over 54 percent.

Benton County bumped up to 53, Franklin County sagged and finished at 47 percent. Surprisingly King finished at 54 percent, where Inslee got the majority of his support.

But perhaps more interesting is a map that was assembled by vote cruncher Dan Clark from the Vancouver area.  Painstakingly he assembled a red-blue colored map that doesn't just show county by county support for Inslee or Culp, or the SPI race. His map took into account the total number of Republican and Democratic votes cast in each county.  How many GOP and how many Democrat independent socialist etc votes were cast in each county.

His majority criteria worked like this. If the margin in favor of Republicans was 55 percent or higher, the county was red.  55% or higher for Democrats, blue. If less then that either way, it was purple.

The result is a map that shows quite a bit of red, some purple and little blue.

To see this map, click on the button below.

To view the final results of the Primary and voter turnout, click on the button below.

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