According to poll results shared by the WA State Republican Party (WSRP) via their Facebook page, it appears the race for Governor is very tight.

 Ragnar Research Poll conducted in December.

  Ragnar Research is a group that partners with many conservative or GOP groups, ranging from the NRA to the WA State Republican Party.

They perform polls, research, marketing, and other functions, and often address races and topics that don't regularly get covered or polled.

The WSRP shared information from a poll performed between December 18th and 21st of 2023, with over 600 likely voters in WA state.  The results shared by the WSRP show the following information about the leading candidates for Governor:

  *Democratic Candidate (and current AG) Bob Ferguson. Favorable rating, 24 %. Unfavorable, 23%  Name recognition (meaning the percentage of people who know who he is)  63%

*GOP Candidate Dave Reichert: The former Congressman and King County Sheriff had a Favorable rating of 23%, 12% negative, and name recognition of 54%

 *Democratic Candidate, and current State Senator Mark Mullet.  8% favorable rating, 7% unfavorable, and name recognition 28%

   *GOP Candidate, and former Richland School Board Member Semi Bird: 6% favorable rating, 4% unfavorable, name recognition, 22%

The plus-minus numbers were not released as part of the results, these indicate that the poll could be a few percentage points up or down from the shared figures, or the accuracy of the poll.  Most polls have a plus-minus of anywhere from 2-4 percent either way.

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