According to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, after they launched an investigation into some payment omissions by Boeing, the aircraft company began paying back wages.

   The investigation involved overtime and other costs

A total of just over $11 million has been given in back pay for 495 Boeing workers, L&I says it's the largest backpay settlement in the agency's history.

According to L&I:

"Under the law, Washington companies must pay workers for time spent on mandatory travel and on-the-job related activities while on a required work trip. Employers also owe overtime and sick leave accrual based on those hours.

L&I found Boeing had not paid or accounted for all overtime and for paid sick leave for the additional time going to worksites while out of town. Investigators from L&I’s Proactive Investigation and Enforcement Unit handled the investigation. The agency formed the team in 2018 to tackle complex cases involving large numbers of workers."

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As the investigation progressed, in March of 2024, Boeing agreed to the back pay, and committed to follow the laws closely to avoid any further payment issues.

Previously, the largest backpay case handled by WA L&I was in 2017 and involved Thrifty Car Rental. The company paid $2 million in backpay to a total of 157 workers.

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