Leading a supposed coalition of 15 states Attorney Generals, Washington State AG Bob Ferguson has filed a lawsuit challenging the granting of oil exploration and drilling in the Arctic.

Ferguson filed the suit to try to stop the activity in the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a 1.6 million square mile area up next to the northernmost area of Alaska.

Ferguson claims in his suit:

"The Coastal Plain is a 1.6 million-acre national treasure, unparalleled in its biological significance for hundreds of species, including caribou, threatened polar bears and millions of birds that migrate to and from six continents and through the lower 48 states. The area is sacred to the indigenous Gwich’in people and is particularly vulnerable to environmental stressors, including climate change, which has caused thinning sea ice and thawing of permafrost in the region."

Ferguson claims the activity will cause harm to Washington and other states by creating more climate change, global warming and pollution.

And yes, your taxpayer dollars are being used for this suit, as WA state employees are assisting, according to the suit:

"Assistant Attorneys General Aurora Janke and Cindy Chang with the Attorney General’s Environmental Protection Division are handling the case for Washington and leading the multi-state coalition."

However, unlike previous such suits, Ferguson does NOT list the other states who are supposedly participating.



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