Franklin County Deputies say the airbags saved the driver's life.

Early Saturday morning, Deputies were called to a deep ravine just before Connell on Highway 395, for a report of a car that had gone off the cliff.

According to reports, the male drive was headed northbound and  home after working all night and dozed off behind the wheel. Witnesses in another vehicle said the man's car drifted over into their lane, nudging their other car before slowly moving back across the highway. The car ran off the road, just missing the guardrail, then plummeted into the gulley below.

Deputies say the airbags saved the driver's life and probably gave him the shock of his life when they deployed after the car landed head first. No word if any injuries, but the driver was OK. The driver's name was not released.

Deputies and other law enforcement officials remind drivers that being excessively tired behind the wheel has the safe effects on judgement as being drunk...except when sleepy you pass out much more easily.

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