If you have ever dined at Red Robin, chances are you were serviced by Al Cuello (Al Pal). Al Pal has been a fixture at Red Robin and in our community for nearly 35 years. He was one of the most memorable workers Red Robin has ever been lucky enough to employ. Al was hired at Red Robin in 1984 as a dishwasher, where he worked hard for three years and was then promoted to head busser. That is where he found his home for the next 32 years. He started at the Richland Red Robin and worked there until they eventually closed their doors permanently. He then moved (along with many Richland employees) to the Kennewick Red Robin, bringing a lot of his faithful customers with him.

Al Pal was the most devoted hard worker imaginable. But more than a hard worker he was a friend. A friend to all who worked along side him. He never forgot a birthday, and I mean he knew EVERYONE'S birthdays!

Boy does he know his sports too, probably better than the teams themselves. He is, by far the biggest Green Bay Packer fan ever and he loved to tell you about it. He went to a few games over the years and when he came back from a trip you could be certain it was all you were going to hear about for a month!

Al Pals motto in life is, “I have a lot to be thankful for - I have family, friends and a job.” Al has made life long friends working at Red Robin and will be missed in the industry. The big day has come, Al Pal is retiring! Actually he DID retire, his last day was October 23rd and everyone at the Townsquare Media want to wish him a blissful retirement! Good luck Al Pal and enjoy the rest of your life!