They should have waited til Cheap Chicken Monday.

Two men from out of town are in the Franklin County jail after allegedly pointing a loaded gun at an Albertson's worker following a theft from the deli.

Pasco police say Sunday afternoon 22-year-old Hamadi Bakari of Auburn, WA and 20-year-old Osman Mukoma of Portland picked up a big friend chicken meal, rolls and booze from the Pasco Albertsons and left without paying.

When they were confronted, they pulled out a handgun, pointed it the worker, then left. But based upon their description and other evidence, Pasco police spotted them near 18th Drive a short time later.

Now, not only are they facing a variety of serious charges, they lost their chicken too! All humor aside, though, when captured by police, their gun was loaded AND cocked, ready to fire.