'Cabin Fever' Drag Racers Nailed by Off Duty Sheriff
Sometimes law enforcement officers refer to them as 'cabin fever' racers, because they've been cooped up for weeks or months, and have not been able to vent their 'urge' to drive, well, stupidly.
A Franklin County off duty sheriff just happened to be on his way home Thursday …
Would-Be Pasco Car Jackers Run Down, Busted
Tuesday evening, a group of Pasco suspects ended up being arrested for attempted car jacking, assault and other charges after they allegedly tried to steal a victim's vehicle.,
Around 7:45pm, police were called to the intersection of 4th and Margaret...
Albertson's Fried Chicken So Good Thieves Steal It At Gunpoint
They should have waited til Cheap Chicken Monday.
Two men from out of town are in the Franklin County jail after allegedly pointing a loaded gun at an Albertson's worker following a theft from the deli.
Pasco police say Sunday afternoon 22-year-old Hamadi Bakari of Auburn, WA and 20-year-old Osman Muk…
Cops 2, speeding Biker 1--Rider Nailed for going 100 MPH!
In slang terminology bikers, especially Harley or muscle bikers, refer to these cycles as 'crotch rockets,'  it's often a derogatory term due to their penchant for sometimes crazy and unsafe driving. NOT all of them, but let's face it: we've all had one of these bikes s…

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