Tuesday evening, a group of Pasco suspects ended up being arrested for attempted car jacking, assault and other charges after they allegedly tried to steal a victim's vehicle.,

Around 7:45pm, police were called to the intersection of 4th and Margaret. The victim told police he'd been sitting in his vehicle when a group of people approached, The suspects reportedly tried to open his doors, but they were locked, then they smashed the windows with rocks.

They assaulted the suspect, stole his keys, but not his car. They fled in the vehicle they arrived in. But the victim gave police a detailed description of their car and plate, and near 14th and Hassalo, the car was located.

The suspects tried to flee, but were 'persuaded' by police to freeze. They were all recognized from previous 'encounters,' which police used to their advantage. Apparently several of the suspects froze when police called them by name.

Now in the Franklin County jail are Esther Olivia, Jonathan Villegas, Miguel Lopez-Arjona, Carlos Tapia-Torres, and Leonel Ramierez-Torres. From their photos, they've definitely seen the inside of a police station before. The one suspect looks old enough to be the other people's dad.

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