In slang terminology bikers, especially Harley or muscle bikers, refer to these cycles as 'crotch rockets,'  it's often a derogatory term due to their penchant for sometimes crazy and unsafe driving. NOT all of them, but let's face it: we've all had one of these bikes speed between us and another car on the freeway.  According to insurance sources, far more traffic infractions are committed by these type of bikers than others.

Well this guy got nailed by Kennewick Police riders, who have just a wee bit more power under their legs.

26-year-old Shane Ajax is facing a litany of serious traffic offenses after KPD motorcycle officers caught him doing in EXCESS of 100MPH on West 10th. Wednesday afternoon.

That's considered negligent driving, which can result in possible loss of license as well as other issues. According to various neighbors, speed limits in that area vary from 40 to 35 on 10th, and 25 in surrounding residential streets!

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