Apparently he must have thought the police were done with him, or the order not to drive on a suspended license was a suggestion?

Boat Race Sunday, Kennewick police stopped a driver who turned out to be from California. Police responded to a call from a citizen in the 1000 block of South Washington on a "suspicious circumstance."

Police didn't say what that was, but did find 34-year-old Timothy Harris, the driver in question, had a suspended CA drivers license. Police told him it doesn't matter what state you're in, suspended means suspended. Doesn't mean you're legal in WA.

He was allowed to call somebody else, say police, who was going to come and give him a ride and 'collect' his vehicle, but apparently he got impatient. While waiting, and before officers left, Harris decided to just drive off himself.

He was quickly pulled over and is now facing a variety of infractions stemming from the suspended license. Guess they do stuff differently in California.

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