Sometimes law enforcement officers refer to them as 'cabin fever' racers, because they've been cooped up for weeks or months, and have not been able to vent their 'urge' to drive, well, stupidly.

A Franklin County off duty sheriff just happened to be on his way home Thursday night, and when he pulled up to the intersection of Court and 26th, he was behind two of these individuals.

They blasted off from the light, but within a few blocks were surrounded by Franklin County Sheriff's vehicles. The officer radioed in and they were promptly nailed. Now, they're facing a variety of charges.

Authorities remind drivers that A) the faster you go, especially illegally, the more force you apply if you hit another vehicle or person. And B) just because a lot of the snow has melted, in the evening hours, it all freezes back again, and there are a lot of slick spots on the streets. Sometimes they're hard to see, and you can suddenly be out of control.

Don't be a cabin fever racer. Drive like you know that you're doing.

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