Saturday, starting at noon, the town of Mossyrock in Lewis County plans to defy the lockdown...everywhere.

According to multiple sources, the Mayor, City Council-officials and others are in agreement to every business that's locked down will open. Sources have said even the Lewis County Sheriff will not enforce the lockdowns.

A variety of events are planned with speakers and more. Mossyrock has just over 800 people, and has been gathering headlines along with others in Lewis County for their 'revolt' against the latest round of lockdowns in WA state.

Meanwhile, about 30 miles away in Chehalis, also in Lewis County, things got dicey at the Spiffy's Restaurant on the south side of town. Since Tuesday, groups of citizens, supporters and others (some from across the state) have gathered in the parking lot of this 50-year-old landmark eatery. They've been defying Labor and Industries agents who are trying to shut the place down for offering indoor dining. Some of the protesters are armed. So far things have been calm, until yesterday afternoon.

A source provided us with a brief video of a car that authorities are now looking for. The driver sped through the parking lot Thursday, and allegedly struck at least one protester, some reports say 3 were hit. No one was seriously hurt, but multiple sources say it appeared to clearly be intentional. We've been told Lewis County Deputies are searching for the car.  Protesters said they snapped a picture of the car's plate before it got away.

(Video courtesy of Cory Stajduhar)


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