Correction: This article previously indicated that Nick Harpor was the Mayor of Everett and that Cassie Franklin was Deputy Mayor. This error has been corrected. 

It has raised eyebrows, but the Deputy Mayor of Everett WA has submitted a letter of resignation, following his admission he'd been having a relationship with the Mayor, pictured above.

Nick Harper has stepped down from his post

The City this week officially released information that the Deputy Mayor had submitted his resignation on October 16th, he was in a "romantic" relationship with Mayor Cassie Franklin.

According to

" In early 2023, Everett City Council hired a lawyer to look into a relationship between Harper and Franklin to determine whether they had violated any city rules. A 200-plus page report from a law firm published by The Everett Herald later found that they had not misused city time or money over the course of their romantic involvement."

Harper had taken the Deputy Mayor position in 2018, while Franklin filed for divorce from her husband in November of 2022.

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She reportedly told "key" city officials about the relationship. The City Council had asked for an investigation earlier this year to see if they broke any laws or rules. According to Franklin, she was told by the HR Department a consensual relationship would not violate any city policies.

No word as to who will assume the Deputy Mayor's position.

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