Especially for those who have sensitive lungs, or respiratory issues, checking, cleaning or replacing your vehicle's filters might not be a bad idea.
Many auto experts around town recommend having your engine air filter, AND interior AC-Heater filter at least checked. Although we're not seeing the ash that's even fallen around Spokane, the smoke still contains a lot of soot and particles, according to

That, coupled with our usual dust that blows often, could clog up the filter faster than usual. Especially for folks with respiratory issues, the interior filters, if dirty, could be recirculating that stuff into your lungs.

Now, it's not as bad as 1980 and Mt. St. Helens, when police cars had to be fitted with military style Middle East sand filters due to the ash. The same kind they put on Army tanks. But due to our prolonged bouts with smoke, you should check the filters.

Not a bad idea, at least until the air clears.

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