Pasco police say he's a person of interest, and they want to talk with him. But the video is what makes it compelling.

Police say a resident called them Friday from the 4600 block of River Road. The person had this confrontation with the man in the Dodge vehicle. He reportedly caught the man taking mail from mailboxes, but he doesn't live there or nearby. The witness told police he got a video of the man taking mail from his mailbox, and perhaps others. But when he confronted the man, well, watch the video.

Police say he's a person of interest, and they really want to 'talk' with him. He has apparently been identified as Christopher Jennings. They say they haven't been able to contact him.

Jennings has got to feel pretty sick right about now, because thousands have now seen him on video looking rather suspicious.  Anyone with any information is asked to call Pasco police at (509)-545-3421.